Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles 

“Young Children and Parents’ Labor Supply during COVID-19” with Scott Barkowski and Yinlin Dai* May 2023. (Accepted at American Journal of Health Economics)

“In Sickness and In Health: Interaction Effects of State and Federal Health Insurance Coverage Mandates on Marriage of Young Adults” with Scott Barkowski (2022). Journal of Human Resources 57(2): 637-688.

“A Reevaluation of the Effects of State and ACA Dependent Coverage Mandates on Health Insurance Coverage” with Scott Barkowski and Alex Ray* (2020). Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 39(3): 629-663.

“Falling Between the Cracks: Discrimination Laws and Older Women” (2020) LABOUR 34(2): 215-238.

“Limited Legal Recourse for Older Women’s Intersectional Discrimination Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.” (2019) The Elder Law Journal 26(2): 287-321.

“Barriers to Later Retirement for Men: Increases in the Full Retirement Age and the Physical Challenges of Work” with David Neumark (2018). Research on Aging 40(3): 232-256.

“Does Communist Party Membership Pay? Estimating the Economic Returns to Party Membership in the Labor Market in China” (2017). Journal of Comparative Economics 45(4): 963-983.

“Does Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Make It Harder to Get Hired? Evidence from Disability Discrimination Laws” with David Neumark and Patrick Button (2017). Research on Aging 39(1): 29-63.

“Do Stronger Age Discrimination Laws Make Social Security Reforms More Effective?” with David Neumark (2013) Journal of Public Economics 108(December): 1-16.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters, Invited

“Gendered Ageism and Disablism and Employment of Older Workers.” with David Neumark (Forthcoming) Research Handbook on Law, Society and Ageing. Sue Westwood and Nancy Knauer, ed.

“Why Retirement, Social Security, and Age Discrimination Policies Need to Consider the Intersectional Experiences of Older Women” with Ian Burn, Patrick Button, and Theodore F. Figinski (2020) Public Policy and Aging Report 30(3).    

“Age Discrimination Laws, Physical Challenges, and Work Accommodations for Older Workers” (2019) Generations: Journal of the American Society on Aging, Fall Special Issue, 43(3).

“Older Workers and Age Discrimination Legislation in America in the 21st Century” (2017) The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Poverty. Robert S. Rycroft, ed., Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO Greenwood Press. 

(* = student co-authors at the beginning of the project)